July 14, 2009

Leaving the death of Michael Jackson alone (although not leaving alone this great MTV logo above!), lots of thing happened in the music industry since I’ve updated properly and thoughtfully. So I decided to sum up all of it in one post.

First, of course, this blog is now indexed by Google, horray!

Now to the serious news.

There were several big and small news on Pirate Bay. They’ve got some support from musicians and from simple voters, were called to court by Twitter, and finally were sold to the Swedish gaming company Global Gaming Factory X for 60 million Swedish kronor

The major streaming sites + music-social networks were also producing a somewhat constant float of news. Last.fm was left by it’s founders Martin Stiksel, Felix Miller and Richard Jones. All the others got new royalty collection agreement

Virgin megastores finally closed. Independent stores kept fighting for their lives.

And a series of stupid fines: from Jammie Thomas-Rasset to music industry (American); Rapidshare to German record industry; and (ha!) Deep Purple to Deep Purple

London people promoted piano music, directly.

People who do science tryed to prove that twitterers buy more music.

At last, I want to link you to two of my favorite blogs. I know that the odds of you reading me and not reading them are hilariously small, but still if it happened you just have to check out Techdirt and Idolator!!