April 29, 2009

To leak or not to leak?

Some friends noted to me that the new Florence and the Machine EP didn't leak, yet, and it's been more than one day since the release. At the same time, say... new IAMX album leaked several weeks ago, with an official release date being May 19th.

Florence and the Machine

The question is: where is the key difference between those who leak and those who don't. With all my respect and some bits of love to IAMX, I don't think that people (fans) are more interested in "Kingdom of Welcome Addiction" than in a first officially released EP from a widely-hyped-about band.

Remains a mystery to me if I still try to think of leaks as something "natural" and something forced by artists or their PR's. My answer to the question above would anyway be "to leak as hard as you can!".

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