April 23, 2009

Today. Legally free goodies.

Two free and very interesting things online. If you follow the news on music festivals and\or e-books you might already know it. But if you don't, here are the links and comments for you.

The Londonist blog posted some free mp3's of Camden Crawl'09 participating bands and musicians today. I'm not sure what's inside those two archives (200+150 mb). But if you're planning on being somewhere near London this Friday and Saturday, this is an interesting thing to see, I'm sure, although they say only tickets for both days are available now. Don't forget to check out the Line Up.

Also, on e-book front, the original manuscript of Madame Bovary has been scaned and transformed into readable digital text. Now you can see the original pages along with the two versions of text (as I understand it one is "usual", i.e. the one that is published now, and another one is a digitalized version of the manuscript with some of the words crossed out etc.). It's really exiting to see all those old pages, and most likely none of us would be permited to see them without the scanning.

Next on my list: I would try and put up some thoughts I have on the news about "pirates" buying more legal music than "non-pirates" (found here or here) in a few hours.

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